About Us


You have arrived at a new market place for authors-books.  Here you will find many authors and titles not available elsewhere.  Your book order made here is sent directly to the author.  The author packages and posts your copy of their book straight to you. 

For the reader

Although not always consciously recognized, book publishing and distribution is a lottery for new authors. Works of great distinction can be unavailable and go unrecognized for years, decades or lifetimes.

Dip into authors-books and who knows what treasure you will find from an author determined to speak?  When you buy a book here, if the author have offered copy signing, they will sign the book with the inscription you requested.

For the author

Are you an author who would like to have your book(s) for sale here? We will tell you how later this year under The Authors’ Community menu item …

As an author, you’ve done all that work writing your book.  You’ve published it yourself or paid a publisher, but it hasn’t sold. 
What to do? Well, here’s another way to distribute your book. This is a new distribution opportunity – authors-books,

The Company and History

authors-books is a trading name of Data Stream Pty Limited.  Data Stream was originally formed as a partnership of six in 1978 and the company was incorporated in 1979. For the first 18 years the company maintained an office in Walker Street, North Sydney. Data Stream had consistently taken on some of the more technically challenging tasks, such as the development of communications protocol emulators and systems software, as well as commercial software development and consulting. With the advent of the Internet, for environmental and convenience reasons, as well as what we believed was good business sense, we moved to cyberspace in 1996. As a legal requirement we have a registered office in York Street, Sydney.

authors-books is now the sole enterprise of Data Stream Pty Limited.

So why authors-books?

Street artist drawing of Avery and Aria, the author Alexandra Tesoriero's children.
Avery and Aria in Sydney

To paraphrase a Chinese saying, every journey starts with a single step. Also, every stream has a source. For our stream, the source is the stories of Alexandra Tesoriero.

Alexandra died too young and left some stories as a legacy to her daughters Aria and Avery, with a fervent request to a friend to see the stories published. We are part of the fulfilment of that wish.

As a company we have published some of Alexandra’s stories and now we’re selling them through authors-books along with so many other beautiful books available here. 

Over time distributors and book shops may well wish to stock some of the titles featured at authors-books.  Who knows?