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Avery and Aria spot the kangaroo

Kangaroo in the moonlight
Kangaroo in the moonlight

It’s storytime and the lights are low.  We’re reading a pre-publication mockup of The Cheeky Possum, a real favourite with Avery.  We’re in cheeky possum world, so most of the illustrations are moonlit.  This is Peter, the cheeky possum’s favourite playground. A world of shadow and revelation, where the girls notice for the first time there is, in the picture, a kangaroo hopping.  Thank you to Derek Dadswell for the wonderful mood and graphic presentation of these illustrations.


2 thoughts on “Avery and Aria spot the kangaroo

  1. In an early meeting with Bex and Lisa on the Alle stories publishing endeavour, it was noted that we needed to gauge children’s interest and engagement with the way the stories were presented.

  2. Hi Barry, great work on creating this website!
    Look forward to working with you on this and to get these special books published.
    Would be good to have a page for comments via a tab at the top maybe or through the blogs section?
    Speak soon
    Bex :)

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