The Wise Little Owl
by Alexandra Tesoriero

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A soft cover A4 landscape illustrated children’s story about a little owl who wants to become wise like his grandad.  Contains a dozen beautifully illustrated double page spreads of story and pictures. Written by Alexandra Tesoriero – Alexandra (Alle) Brunning of Heartbreak High and Channel V. Printed in Australia by Ulladulla Printing & Signage, an accredited Sustainable Green Print supplier. The beautiful graphic design by Goosebump Productions adds another dimension of aesthetic magic to this book.

ISBN: 978-0-9876451-1-1
Publisher: Data Stream Pty Limited
Illustrator: Gillian Davies
Seller: Data Stream Pty Limited
Seller ABN: 25 001 659 178
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Where to find wisdom?

From the beginning, the little owl has an advantage, because he wants to be wise like his grandad. His hunger leads him to ask many of the other animals for their advice on becoming wise. Each gives a perspective in harmony with their nature.

The koala says, “just take life slowly” while the kangaroo says, “bound through your life and enjoy every day”. The fox advises, “trust your instincts” and the mouse says, “no matter your size … you can achieve anything”.

What is the little owl to believe with all this advice, some of it seemingly contradictory?

About the author - Alexandra Tesoriero

Alle, from her schooldays, was interested in drama performance, writing and poetry, particularly of an existential nature. Pursuing a career in television, she became internationally recognised for a role in Heartbreak High. Alle graduated from Macquarie University as a Bachelor of Media and enjoyed many journalistic roles including as a V8 Supercar commentator. She also hosted a TV music show on Channel V.

Alle married and became a successful businesswoman and a devoted mother to her daughters Aria and Avery. Tragically diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer before her fortieth birthday, in a creative flourish Alle wrote a handful of children’s stories including The Cheeky Possum. Alle died on 27th June 2014.

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3 reviews for The Wise Little Owl

  1. Eileen Mooney (verified owner)

    A beautifully illustrated book and an interesting story that will captivate a readers’ imagination.

  2. R Silverthorne (verified owner)

    My family & I love this book.
    Beautifully written & gorgeous illustrations.
    Thank you for sharing this book with us & the world.

  3. Bex McCartney (verified owner)

    One of my favorite books! A great story about wisdom that both children and adults can gain from reading. Well written and beautiful illustrations. Thank you Alle for your words. A wonderful book.

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