The World Is your Pearl
by Glenda Pearl Wise


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A soft cover Octavo (6″  x 9″) book of some 250 pages of mostly descriptive writing about Glenda’s adventure travel and including greyscale images of her photographs.  Free postage and handling within Australia.

ISBN: 978-1-922497-00-0
Publisher: Ultimate World Publishing
Seller: Glenda Wise
Seller ABN: 62 947 257 941
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A memoir to inspire anyone who always wished for adventure.

Glenda has written about her travels off the beaten track, trekking, cycling, exploring, (often at altitude), visiting cultures which are remote and ancient in their customs and lifestyles. Buy the book to read about her many epic experiences through safe travel on a comparative shoestring with the right support.

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About the author - Glenda Pearl Wise

Glenda Pearl Wise is an Artist, Illustrator and Art Tutor who was born and still resides in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, Australia. She has taught oil painting, water colour, life drawing and mosaic for twenty six years. Her time is now devoted to producing her own drawings and watercolours from which to create digitally enhanced book illustrations.

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